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Durian is a tropical tree belonging to the Bombacaceae family. Of scientific name Durio Zibethinus, it produces edible fruits of the same vernacular name, durian or Durio.


In many Southeast Asian countries, its smell is so repugnant that it is forbidden in public places and on public transport.


Thailand is the world’s leading producer of this fruit. It is followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. To a lesser extent, Durian is also harvested in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, India, Sri Lanka, Florida (USA), Hawaii, China, and Australia. But also in South America, where it appears in the markets of French Guiana.

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  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia,
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia
  •  Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Burma
  • India,
  • Sri Lanka
  • Florida (USA)
  • Hawaii
  • China
  • Australia.
  • South America

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